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Danse Orientale Project

Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Romany, and original music, includes Belly Dance music.

George Armaos: Harmonica
Michael Gregian: Darbuka
Ken Kalajian: Guitar
Paul Mooradian: Tambourine
George Stathos: Clarinet
Sebastian Steinberg: Bass Guitar
Ron Tutunjian: Dumbeg
Joe Zeytoonian: Oud and Vocals
Myriam Eli: Darbuka and Cymbal
Susan Raphael: Violin.
(American Recording Productions)



Line Out

Featuring master Lebanese-American violinist Fred Elias. Original compositions with wildly improvisational passages of passionate blowing by the trio.

Fred Elias: violin
Mike Gregian: 
Joe Zeytonnian:
 electric Oud



Ruby Mantra

Dance Meditation compositions for Dunya.

Joe Zeytoonian: oud, electric oud, vocals, synthesizer, hand drums, frame drums, percussion



Falling into Feathers

Dance Meditation compositions for Dunya

Suren Asaturyan: duduk
Joe Zeytoonian: oud, çumbus, baglama, ney, voice, bendir, darbuka, tabla


Southern Arrival

Eastern & avant-garde collaboration / improvisational

Abbey Rader: drumset, ashikos, thumb piano, percussion
Joe Zeytoonian: oud, electric oud, cajita
Kenny Millions: clarinet, saxophone
Myriam Eli: darbuka, riqq
(Third Stream Music)


Our following CD’s are available through

Whispers of Ellis Island: Armenian & Middle Eastern styles.
Featuring Joe Zeytoonian and Ara Topouzian.

Cafe Makam: Middle Eastern music, includes some Belly Dance music.
Featuring Ara Topouzian, Jim Sotyanoff, Joe Zeytoonian, Mark Sawasky, Myriam Eli.

Full Circle: Vignettes of Middle Eastern, Armenian, and original music.
Featuring: Joe Zeytoonian, Ara Topouzian, Dick Barsamian.